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Your Digital Footprint.

Did you know that when you post a comment or share information on a web page, it is potentially visible for the whole world to see? Watch the video below, from Common Sense Media, for an introduction to the Digital Footprint.

It is important for you to be aware of the kind of information you post online. What you write on a piece of paper and recycle is gone for the most part. What you write or post online doesn't go away. View this short video of "Eva", who learned through experience about the impact of our digital footprints.

Digital Etiquette:
Just as we have certain expectations in the real world for how we behave, the digital world has those same expectations. Take a look at this video from BrainPop about digital etiquette:


Basic Internet Safety.

  • Never share names, schools, ages, phone numbers, or addresses.
  • Never open an email from a stranger — it may contain viruses that can harm a computer. 
  • Never send pictures to strangers or view pictures that strangers send to you. 
  • Keep passwords private (except to parents). 
  • Tell a trusted adult if something mean or creepy happens on the Internet

Posting Photos: 
Taking pictures is fun, and can be a wonderful way to express yourself artistically, emotionally, and creatively. The iPad makes that easy.
View this graphic about questions you should ask yourself when posting photos online.

However, as you learned from the digital footprint, posting photos online can have a permanent effect. Are you sure you want that picture you posted in grade 7 or 8 to still be viewable by your friends in years 11 or 12? While you're at uni? At your future place of work? By the way, who's in that picture with you? Did you ask for their permission to post it online? Would you want your photo posted without your permission?