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American civil rights movement a mass protest movement against racial segregation and discrimination in the southern United States that came to national prominence during the 1950s and defined a decade during the 1960s.

The early sixties - American culture at the The National Museum of American Culture. Social and political traditions and norms were questioned, new ideas and approaches were explored, and over time, many shifts in American culture evolved. An important decade in world history. The 1960s This site organizes articles, film, and photographs by topic, highlighting individuals and events including Martin Luther King Jr., Gloria Steinem, the Vietnam War, Freedom Rides, the Cuban Missile Crisis, construction of the Berlin War, and more. The Sixties Sections include war and peace; politics; revolutions; and pop culture. This series can be found in ClickView Online by searching for The Sixties.

Experiencing War: Vietnam War The Veterans History Project features vets' experiences through interviews, photographs, transcripts, recordings, and drawings.

A Visual Journey: Photographs by Lisa Law "Lisa Law's photographs provide glimpses into the folk and rock music scenes, California's blossoming counterculture, and the family-centered and spiritual world of commune life in New Mexico. They are moments that she lived, witnessed, and recorded on the frontier of cultural change." - quote from website

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum This resource includes interactive exhibits, primary documents, research aids, current events, and more.

John F. Kennedy assassinated. An event that rocked America.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Baptist minister and social activist who led the civil rights movement in the United States from the mid 1950s until his death by assassination in 1968.

Wikipedia: 1960s Check out Wikipedia's decade overview.

I have a dream - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Movies about the 60's